My WLS on Dec 7th, I apologize ahead.

on 12/23/17 1:49 pm

I thought long and hard about posting this and two wise ladies said I should so everyone going into wls has eyes wide open. I was not going to because I did not want to seem like a Debbie Downer. I do not want to seem like I am popping someone bubble. I do not want to seem ungrateful. There is a few TMI moments in here.

First let me start with my surgery was on Dec 7th, 17 days ago. I am now pain free, bleeding free, eating fine and have had no issues since leaving the hospital and smooth sailing through the process. I am still very tired but I get out daily and do things.

I got to the hospital and my surgery was delay 5 hours because of a emergency came in. Perfectly understandable. When finally wheeled into the OR the staff was friendly and kind. The surgeon asked me if I was excited and of course I said yes. He asked about some large scars I have on my stomach and I explain that when I was 30 I had surgery to remove my ovary (tumor)and gallbladder(gallstones) at the same time. Next thing I know I am out cold.

I wake up 3 and half hours later in a lot of pain right away. In recovery I was in pain and dry heaving. I was wheeled up to the 6th floor and asked for pain meds right away. The nurses informed me that there was none listed for me??!! They acknowledged this was odd. They blamed it on the fact that they had a new computer system and a lot staff did not know how to use it proper yet. They phoned the surgical team and all their residence. No one was answering. They tried to reach them again, no one was answering. Staff explained they were all in the OR. My husband has seen me in pain before but this blew his mind. He asked if someone would walk down there and get some one. Six hours later with no pain meds he walked down to the OR floor himself and started yelling. God bless this man. 6'2 and 250 pounds. He just started walking around where he was not suppose to be until he got someone attention. My husband was my champion and hero just like he is in every day life. Someone came out and I was given some pain meds.

When the nurse ran(Literally, my husband had everyone on needles, politely but firmly) in with the bag and hug it on the IV I asked for her hand and I held it and did not let her go/leave until I finally passed out. The pain meds would work for 2 hours and I could get more every three hours. After the two hours were up I would rock and wretch for a hour.

Day two. I finally had a bowel movement (kind of). It was 100 percent dark and bright blood. I show a nurse. Two hours later the same thing. I was so shaky I could not walk to the bathroom alone. I was bleeding internally. They took me off the blood thinners. My red blood cell count was 140 in pre op. It was currently down to 55.

Day Four. In the hospital they get the bleeding under control without surgery. Thank you Lord. I am to never take the blood thinners they had me fill for home, I am told by the Doctors.

Day Five. The blood that has finally stopped but there is still left over blood in my intestines is now a Black Tar. The most disgusting thing ever. I am so glad I brought Antibacterial wipes with me because the hospital TP was awful. I also had a bit of a break down this day. I did this to myself. I chose to do this. Why was my recovery not like every one else? (I will tell you why later). To make it harder it was snowing these days and although I so wanted to see my husband I told him he better stay home instead of taking the long drive from London. I was a mess.

Day Six. My blood count is now up to 100 and they are working on my potassium levels. Has any one had that awful potassium drink they give you? It burned my new pouch. I would not wish that on anyone. There is not enough peach juice in the world to make that ok.. LOL

Day Seven. After a lot of blood tubes, bruises, and 8 nasty Potassium drinks they decide to send me home. I Message my husband. HURRY BEFORE THEY CHANGE THEIR MIND.

So why was this so hard and long? Average is 2 nights. I mentioned I had large scars from a previous surgery. In order to do the WLS they had to remove mounds of scar tissues. To do this they scrap the inside lining of my abdominal cavity. Imagine removing corn from the cob with a knife. They had to do this for a hour before even starting my wls.

Also, when I was without nausea meds and pain meds for hours I agitated that area with dry heaving. Causing internal bleeding to increase. I am lucky that the blood was going into my intestines and not my body cavity.

Why did I have so many issues? It was not because of the WLS itself. It was complications caused by a previous surgery that needed to be addressed in order to preform the WLS. Also, the lack of a smooth recovery because of not medical assistance with pain or nausea meds.

I did not want to write about this but I agree with some ladies I spoke to about it. I think it is important people know.

If you ask me right now.. Are you glad you did this? Hell No. If you ask me in a year I will likely say Hell Yes. But I told my husband no more revisions and I doubt I will have extra skin removed or anything like it. The surgeon said I will need to have my hernia fixed in about 6 months.. I am hiding from him. LOL

My WLS surgeon did a great job. My nurses staff was very friendly. My WLS was a success. I currently well and able. I have no issues with drinking or eating. I love poached eggs and I mix them with my cream soups and cottage cheese.

I am sure I will be happy in the future. I had 1 of my 2 children without any pain meds and I have had surgery before. Those were cake walks compared to this.

I feel I should apologize for not being able to say.. It was great and easy! Trust me I wi**** had been.


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on 12/23/17 1:58 pm

Congrats strong woman

on 12/23/17 6:28 pm

Looking right back at one!

on 12/23/17 10:35 pm

Thanks penny for shareing your story.

hopeing things turn around for the better for you and it's easy sailing onwards. Merry Christmas & all the best,,kim

on 12/27/17 9:40 am

Thank you Kiki.

It is much better and energy is coming back more and more everyday!

on 12/23/17 4:12 pm - Canada
RNY on 06/02/17

thank you so much for sharing! it is important for anyone like you who has had previous surgeries to know what could happen.

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I will be honest, I was not going to it two ladies here on the site talked me into it. One is post op and had a wonderfully smooth process(I am so happy for It!) and one is pre op. I thank them for giving me the courage. I really just wanted to be like most people. But they are correct in saying this site is about every aspect of was and obesity. The good and bad.

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on 12/23/17 5:01 pm

I really needed to know this Penny! Will need to follow up with DRs now!thanks again!

on 12/23/17 6:32 pm

Remember lady, your situation might not be like mine it it never hurts to talk to staff and address and concerns first.

You know I am here for you know matter What!

on 12/23/17 5:46 pm - Courtice, Canada
RNY on 03/19/18

I think you are very brave for sharing this. I'm certain that you would like to forget the entire experience. But I am grateful to you for being courageous enough to put yourself out there. I think it's important that we pre-ops are reminded every now and then that complications happen. Thank goodness for your husband advocating for you.

Your post is quite positive even with the negative situation. You could easily be blaming the surgeon and nurses but you have praised them. You are such an inspiration.

Wishing you continued healing and health.


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