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on 12/25/17 11:49 am

I recently saw a video with a wLs surgeon with 30 yrs experience saying that everyone who gets wls regains a lot after 5 years because malabsorption has gone. However when I watch Dr. A's Videos he seems quite optimistic that most people maintain weight loss after wls. I also see that there's a bit of a ounce upward after a year or so so one should set one's goal a bit low to make up for that.

Im trying to lose as much as I can before surgery drinking two protein drinks a day and a low carb low calorie meal, with almost no snacks because I read the more you lose before surgery the more successful you'll be after surgery.however the dietician at the hospital told me not to worry about losing weight before surgery. I've been gaining and losing the same 5 lbs since I started this process.

Am I reading too much? I'll probably have surgery sometime in the next 8 weeks and I'm feeling discouraged. I see so many people on the OH forums who've done even better than their goals and kept the weight off, but is this group self-selected, so the people *****gain a lot just don't use the OH FORUMS. How representative is the OH forums of the wls population?

Leslie W.
on 12/25/17 4:13 pm - Cobourg, Canada

Pre-op just concentrate on making healthy choices such as cutting out junk food, pop, caffeine. Eating balanced meals. Drinking protein drinks pre-op is not a requirement. What they are looking for is to see your making better choices.

Some regain is normal. I am just over 6 years and have gain back about 15 lbs from my lowest but lowest was too small. I went to a size 6. Now have maintained at a 10.

Healthy snacks are fine. If your not exercising look at starting. W#alking, swimming, gentle yoga etc.. will all help to lose and maintain.

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RNY on 06/02/17

some regain is normal, but if he's looking at his success rate over the last 30yrs then that result would be a bit off, WLS has changed a lot over the years. The newer techniques offer a better rate of success.

That being said, as with any WL tool - if you don't do the work, it won't work. My understanding is that we need to keep up the work for the rest of our lives to have the best chance at success. I'm still in the 'honeymoon' stage (6+months post-op) and so losing at this point is still relatively easy. Everything I've read says that maintenance will be much harder. I'm preparing myself for that.

Good luck!

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Diminishing Dawn
on 12/29/17 12:50 pm - Windsor, Canada

Regain is NORMAL and way more common than not. Most of us gain around 10-25 lbs back. Some more snd some less. Some never get as far down as others and don't have regain (because they never got that low). Some don't have any regain. And a few others have a hard time keeping on weight.

Chances are though that you'll gain that 20 lbs back past years 2/3.

Even the TWH handbook acknowledges that it's common and that you're considered a success if you KEEP OFF HALF YOUR EXCESS WEIGHT BY YEAR FIVE.

Losing weight after surgery was very much "the easy part" of this process. Early out you can lose despite eating outside of the rules.

Its not like that at all past the first few years. (I'm 11.5 years post op). The scale will NOT be forgiving when you lapse in program. Weight will come back. Head issues return. Old habits too.

Regsin or not (I've had that 20 lbs) there's NO WAY I could have lost and kept off 130 lbs for that long.

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RNY on 01/11/12

Some people get upset when people reply honestly to their posts and please remember this is just MY opinion. you stated.. am I reading too much?? I have to say yes... I'm 6 years out January 11... and lost more than half my weight... and yep.. I'm one of those that over that past 4 years regained the 20 lbs... I looked very thin at my lowest weight... (some said too thin.. I thought for the first time I look awesome...).. I'm healthy now and that was my main goal..... and the healthiest I've ever been (off 9 out of 11 meds and doc only keeps me on my cholesterol med because of heart disease in my family and a thyroid med too)... and like Diminishing Dawn said.. I too could never have lost and kept the 170+lbs off on my own. Well I have friends who have had surgery say.. but I gained back bla bla bla, I tell them but think about where you started and how much better you are now! Good luck to you!!!!