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on 1/1/18 2:31 pm
RNY on 08/01/17

Hi it's me - MJ!

Happy New Year! This group was such a life line for me those first two months after my surgery. I hope that everyone continues to value the benefits.

I don't make resolutions. I chose words instead. Last year my word was BELIEVE.

I never would have BELIEVED that I would qualify for the RYN surgery. I didn't BELIEVE I was that big!

I never would have BELIEVED I would get approved. Every single appointment I had I was convinced that they would deny me over something.

I never would have BELIEVED I would go through the surgery. I remember always saying - "Oh I am just going through the process, I can always back out" I was convinced I was going to die on the table. I wrote letters to family - secretly said good bye to everyone! I even cried in the car waiting to go in to the hospital.

I never would have BELIEVED I would be sent home the next day. The Dr. said I was doing so well - better to recover at home.

I never would have BELIEVED I could be granted a whopping 9 weeks off from my company for my recovery. I work in a competitive, commission based role and I think even though I have been there 12 years, it was unheard of for someone to take that kind of time off for "elective" surgery.

I have had to BELIEVE in myself and respect my pouch. I BELIEVE that I could have lost almost 73 lbs since start of Opti - you know why? BECAUSE I HAVE. I follow the rules, I give back and I am Grateful.

My Word this year is BETTER. Now that I am feeling and moving BETTER - I am excited to see how much BETTER my life can be. I gave my 13 year old daughter a great sweatshirt that says TAKE CHANCES - well that is what THIS GIRL is going to do!

My daughter will be starting high school this year, my BF will retire at the tender age of 55 - I am sure my life will change - hopefully for the BETTER!

I am a happier MJ and I want MORE!!!!!

If you could focus on a word, what would it be????


Best, MJ

on 1/1/18 3:21 pm
RNY on 01/16/18

Great post!

I think my work for 2018 is Peace.

This year will bring peace to my body, my brain and my life.

For so long everything has been chaotic and tumultuous. Weight up, weight down, try this diet, try that. Go to the gym, don't go to the gym, help this person, do this, do that. It's always a whirlwind in my house, my life, my body, and my brain.

Surgery is 14 days away. With that I will be turning inward and focusing on me first and what I need. Peace will come with the new me.

Referral - May 31/17; Orientation - June 15/17; First Appt Nurse - June 26/17; Bloodwork and ECG - June 27/17; Sleep Study - July 5/17; Dietician Appt - July 10/17; Counsellor Appt - July 10/17; Abdominal Ultrasound - July 10/17: Endoscopy/Colonoscopy - July 25/17; Second Dietician Appt - September 14/17; Internist Appt - October 2/17; Meet the Surgeon - November 21/17; Pre Surgery Nutrition Class - January 12/18; Surgery - January 16/18

on 1/2/18 4:17 am

Excellent! I think my word this year is change. This is my year of change. My surgery is Feb 16 and my world is changing.

St. Joes Hamilton - Referral June 16, Orientation Aug 16, Group Dietitian May 5, Nurse May 15, Social Worker Aug 15, 1:1 Dietitian Aug 15, Medical Internist Sept 18. Meet Surgeon Nov. 2/17 Preop Feb 12/18 Surgery Feb 16/18

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