on 2/3/18 7:00 am
RNY on 02/09/18

of course it's a Saturday and I'm having trouble keeping my optifast down. Started with trots, that's passed but last night and this morning, I'm having trouble keeping the shake down.

Could I be reacting to it, or is this typical? I wish I could talk to the clinic, surgery is less than a week away.

on 2/3/18 7:08 am

Are you vomiting? If you can't keep it down, you might be lactose intolerant or have the 'flu? If you just can't stomach it, try stirring a teaspoon of cocoa in it. Also I know it's Saturday, so you probably can't get answers from your clinic, but there are alternatives such as a strict low carb diet. If you think it's lactose intolerance, try lacteeze drops or chewables until you can talk to your clinic. I hope you feel better soon. The road can be rough but it is worth it.

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on 2/3/18 7:36 am
RNY on 02/09/18

Not the flu. I did vomit this morning. It hits my stomach and comes right back up. :( I've used decaf coffee crystals, more water/less water. Drinking quick or slow. I'm feeling well otherwise, but it just doesn't want to be in my tummy.

on 2/3/18 8:13 am

Try it with some sugarless syrup and mix in a blender with lots of ice. That could help?

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on 2/3/18 8:16 am
RNY on 02/09/18

I'll try with the syrups but I already blend with a ton of ice. :( I'm plugging through

on 2/3/18 11:24 am
RNY on 01/16/18

What day are you on?

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on 2/3/18 11:35 am
RNY on 02/09/18

day 3

on 2/3/18 1:47 pm - Canada

If you are vomiting optifast back up, for next 2 days until you can talk to your clinic, take beef bouillon/consommé broth, and vegetable broth, and drink a lot to stay hydrated. Some clinics allow patients to munch on mini cucumbers for the crunch... won't harm you over next day and a half to skip the optifast and go on broths and a cucumber irvtwo. Monday you get help via phone.

Good luck!

on 2/3/18 1:53 pm

I had one rough day like this. I added peppermint extract to it to help. I found ice foamed it up and made it worse.

I wish you good luck! I am sorry it is so rough.

Diminishing Dawn
on 2/3/18 5:46 pm - Windsor, Canada

If you Google the Toronto eating for health guidelines booklet there's recipes in there for making a Optifast hot chocolate and Optifast pudding.

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