on 2/4/18 12:39 pm

Hey guys, quick question. How many calories should I be eating at 6 weeks post op? I'm down 40lbs from surgery, is that a good loss or should I have lost more by now! I'm not complying I feel great just curious!

on 2/4/18 6:31 pm

You're doing great. At 6 weeks out, I was lucky if I could eat 400 calories a day. As time went on I was able to eat more. Don't worry about the calories number as much as getting in your minimum number for protein (60g) and getting in all your fluids. Try to eat protein first and if you have any room (which right now you probably don't) then have a few cooked veggies that are not high carb.

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on 2/4/18 7:29 pm

Thank you

on 2/4/18 7:29 pm
RNY on 09/01/17

Hi Suzy, 40 lbs is amazing!!! I agree with the previous poster... I was getting about 400 calories a day at about 6 weeks. It freaked me out cause it was so low... but it was totally normal. Don't focus on the calories. Protein is a great target. I tried to get veg in too. Fruit was still too sweet for me that early on. Now I can eat it but not then.

Keep on keeping on. It sounds like you are doing great!!!

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on 2/5/18 9:22 am

Thank you for your input, I value your advise!

on 2/5/18 8:44 am

You're doing great!

Just follow your plan and focus on getting in your protein and fluids and the calories should be fine. I was told not to focus on calories that early out, but when I look at myfitnesspal from back then, I saw I was in the puree stage and was eating between 500-600 calories a day, with a few day****ting 700 here and there.

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on 2/5/18 9:23 am

Thank you Kathy


on 2/5/18 11:08 am

So I now have a question. After surgery is done and we're all healed up. I've seen post after post of people not eating more than say 850 calories a day. That seems awfully low to sustain ourselves. Is that why we take all the vitamin supplements?

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on 2/5/18 3:48 pm
RNY on 09/01/17

I think that's one of the reasons. Malabsorption is the other (main) reason. The super low calorie is a facet of having such a small stomach. Over time, we will increase our calories. Many to about 1,000 i think, some to 1,200 to 1,500, depending on your metabolism.

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on 2/6/18 11:59 am
RNY on 09/05/17

I am 5 months out and take in about 1000 calories a day. But that is mostly fluke. I am still counting my protein first and foremost

hope that helps

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