Fussy Eater

on 2/6/18 9:01 am

I feel like a five year old sometimes with my food tastes! I am 2 months and almost 2 weeks post op and I will eat something for one meal and then cannot stand even the smell of it. I finally got a friend to agree to take my excess when I try a new recipe because I seem to want it once and then never again. I get home from work at about 1 am(having eaten my supper at 8 pm) and will be dying to eat something but my stomach isnt saying I am hungry just my mouth and then if do eat something I am full with just a tablespoon but still want to eat. I am just getting all turned around. Anyone else experience food weirdness-es? ...and I have developed an addiction to nuts, the ones in the large jar mixed nuts roasted w/o salt from Costco so crunchy so delicious...

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on 2/6/18 12:49 pm
RNY on 09/01/17

I find I've been on a roller coaster of eating since surgery. And there is no rhyme or reason. I went through a (thankfully very short) phase of not tolerating water. I have had other phases of no restriction, and some of lots of restriction. Right now, for a few days... I am having a really hard time eating more than a few bites of anything at a time.

Who knows why. I'm so nauseous when I eat. But I know it will pass. Hopefully soon.

Keep trying different things every few days/months rather than giving up on "categories" altogether. Our pouches are finicky, and play tricks on us. In the meantime, feed it what it can handle and don't stress about it. :)

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