What are you doing / eating Tuesday

on 3/6/18 3:18 am

Hello everyone:

yesterday I did 45 minutes on the elliptical in the morning and a group power class at night. Today I will do a 5K run. Lots of work travel today and my son's basketball game tonight - there are never enough hours in the day. Hubby needs some attention but I am so tired at night. Here are my eats today:

breakfast: protein shake

snack: hamburger patty

lunch: out with clients (will choose veggies and protein)

snack; pudding and almonds

dinner: sausage and veggies

snack: low fat, low sugar frozen greek yogurt on a stick

Have a great day everyone.

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on 3/6/18 4:23 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 04/11/16

Good morning! I actually got a pretty good nights sleep last night. Maybe because I had massage last night or maybe I might getting a little better! I still have my hacking cough though so who knows.

This is like day 10 or 11 with no gym, and as much as I feel I should be getting there I just cant do it. Le sigh.

Post Op 22+ mos

B - 1/2 everything bagel, one egg, cheese slice

S - yogurt and blueberries

L - 1 cup spag sauce, half and apple, 1 tbsp. PB

S - tomato/cucumber salad w. greek dressing, HB egg

D - sautéed chicken with red pepper and onion, sour cream, shredded cheese

Cal 1263, Carbs 95, Protein 97

Over 100 lbs lost! and 13 lbs below goal weight!

on 3/6/18 5:34 am - Canada

Good morning :)

I had my three year follow-up in Guelph yesterday. I'm booked in for next year but they all also said I could come back after the baby is born. I thought I might need a diet reset at that point.

I also had to go for blood work again yesterday morning as I'm going to see an internist who will test and monitor for gestational diabetes. The typical test is the glucose sensitivity test where you drink 50 grams of sugar and then they test your blood. Obviously this would be very dangerous for us, so we will take a different approach :)

Today I have an appointment at the bank and then I will probably pick up a few groceries. My brother and mom are coming to stay over March break, so I want to make sure we are stocked up.

Post-op three years.

Breakfast - yogurt, banana

Snack - egg, thin bun

Lunch - cabbage casserole

Snack - apple and pb

Dinner - cabbage casserole

Snack - protein bar

All water and vits.