Pay it forward with cpap

on 6/17/18 12:41 pm

Ok so I don't need my cpap anymore. YAAAAY!!! I'm over the moon happy about that. And I have an idea.

mMost 0f us get off our cpap after weight loss surgery, and what do we do with our machines? A lot of people are diagnosed with apnea months before surgery and have to buy machines which they will then later not need a few months after their surgery. While Ohip covers a good bit of the cost, if you don't have benefits you still have to fork out a bit. And in the meantime, these perfectly good machines, which last for several years, should be recycled.

my suggestion is we have a Canadian cpap bank, consisting of all of us who don't need the machine any more, willing to give to someone awaiting surgery who does need it. The agreement is everyone will continue to pay it forward till the machine wears out.

the used machine you get won't be at the right pressure, but the sleep lab where you were tested can reset it for you at the proper pressure.

we can set up a cpap bank thread where people who have one can list it and people who need one can PM and work out shipping costs.

i have one right now I'm happy to give away.


on 6/17/18 1:22 pm

What a great idea, I never needed one but it certainly makes sense!

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on 6/17/18 7:05 pm

Fabulous way to pay it forward.

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on 6/18/18 3:56 am
RNY on 01/16/18

Brilliant Idea!

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