Products you'd recommend (or not!)

on 7/10/18 10:49 am

Hi all,

I was wondering what products or items you might recommend as being helpful for you on this journey :)
I am not looking for groceries per se (although, sure, why not) but things like the BEST pill-keeper ever (that fits those GIANT vitamins) or measuring tapes or cutlery or exercise bands or sucking-in underwear, or anything really! Even things like a brand of dress that will get you through several sizes would be great.

For me, I can recommend:

  • PlanetBox lunch boxes. Food is no longer interesting to me, really, but these boxes are adorable, have little spots and spaces for a lovely array of bits, are small enough to promote small serving sizes, and just frankly make lunch time at the office more pleasant. There is even a little spot perfect for vitamins :)
  • a Deli meat slicer. We just recently purchased one, and we are loving it! Not only can we do up our own roasts and turn them into deli meat (meaning less salt, preservatives, etc) but I can also slice my stuff paper-thin... which is awesome because I am still struggling with choking on dense meats. I have used it to slice cheese and bread as well. Kids and hubby love the results of it too.
  • Went to the museum of science and tech recently... on display was a fork and knife that tells you when you're eating too fast. I need that sucka!!
  • Fitbit - I don't know what kind mine is? But I was able to set it to buzz and yell at me at specific times all day to remind me to take my vitamins

Hope to hear some of your faves!

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on 7/10/18 11:03 am
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on 7/10/18 11:21 am - Canada

Especially when I was early out I loved the little 1/2 cup Glad containers -- I could do easily portion out things either to pack in my lunch or to freeze individual portions of soup, chili, etc. I also love my silicone muffin cups. I can use them to make egg muffins, oatmeal cups, etc. And they pop out really easily for freezing. Other things I use all the time - water reminder app and pill organizer app on my phone.

on 7/10/18 3:49 pm

Where can you get the little containers?

on 7/10/18 4:03 pm - Canada

I just got mine at the grocery store -- Glad or Ziploc brand...

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on 7/11/18 10:31 am - Irvine, CA

Walmart carries the 1/2 cup glad round containers. I think you get 8 for 2.57.

on 7/13/18 10:03 am

IKEA sells for amazing prices - 10 for 99 cents ? Please don't quote me but theirs are far the lowest cost .

on 7/11/18 3:36 am
on 7/11/18 3:36 am

I love my Bento lunchbox. It's the same one that Eggface uses. My shake bottle has a screw on container for the shake mix and a separate container for vitamins.

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