Nutritional Requirements

on 7/13/18 6:45 pm - New Westminster, BC, Canada


So doing a lot of reading about gastric bypass, and the one question I had (for those that have gone through it) how do you manage your nutritional requirements? Given that your stomach is sown up (to hold about 1-cup of food) how are you ensuring you get all the vitamins/minerals you need?

Are you simply taking a daily vitamin? Vitamin water?



Diminishing Dawn
on 7/13/18 7:12 pm - Windsor, Canada

Eating balanced meals and snacks help and yes, vitamins. It's not that difficult long term. Only challenging early out. Frequent labs tell you the story.

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on 7/14/18 6:54 am
VSG on 07/09/18

Yep. You need to take daily vitamins and supplements for the rest of your life.

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