Date with the surgeon

on 11/7/18 8:47 am


I got a date with the surgeon on November 13 and my pre op surgery class Nov 26. Anyone gone to Guelph or is going the same time as me?

Kathy S.
on 11/7/18 11:23 am - InTheBurbs, XX
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on 11/7/18 2:12 pm

Congratulations. Who is your surgeon?

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Referral to Guelph Feb/13, Sleep study and all bloodwork and ultrasound May/13, orientation July/13. Nurse, NUT,SW Sept/13, 2nd NUT, nurse and SW, 3rd round and cleared for surgery Dec/13. Pre-op Apr 7/14, Surgeon May 2/14, Opti Jul 3/14, surgery Jul 17/14.

on 11/7/18 4:14 pm

No not yet

on 11/7/18 3:35 pm

Hi there, I'm going through Guelph also, but am just heading for my second visits with the nurse/SW/dietitian. How long has it taken you to get this far?

on 11/7/18 4:12 pm

Hi, not long at all. My last visit was my second appointment with nurse, dietician and social worker October 22. I was approved by the team. My social worker was waiting for paper work from my family doctor. As soon as she got it, not even a 1/2 hour I got the appointment with the surgeon.

on 11/8/18 5:22 am
VSG on 05/22/18

AWESOME!!! I went through Guelph. They are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I have my 6 month check up in a week. They are so kind and only want you to succeed. I honestly can't say enough about the team there. My surgeon was Dr. Jules Foute-Nelong. Very kind bed manner and not hard on the eyes as well. I hope all goes well for you!!!

Kimmy in Canada

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on 11/8/18 2:26 pm

Thank you so much

on 11/13/18 4:37 pm - Greater Toronto Area, Canada

What is a pre-op surgery class?

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