What are you eating/doing today -- Monday?

on 1/7/19 12:32 am - Canada

Good morning :)

Costco, Costco, Costco!! They have good sales this week. Protein bars and protein powder are on sale. I don't like their protein powder anymore since it uses stevia, but I love the bars. They also have dog stuff that we use so the puppies will be happy :)

We are meeting my grandma there so that will be fun. We actually saw her yesterday but it was a relatively short visit.

QOTD: do you shop food sales? I love shopping the flyers. And I coupon. I couldn't be an extreme couponer, but I like helping our little family save money.

Post-op three years and ten months.

Breakfast - melba and PB

Snack - Greek yogurt and blueberries

Lunch - cheese and pepperettes

Snack - mixed nuts

Dinner - leftover chili - we are going to be eating this for a while... DH made a huge pot.

Snack - pudding

All water and vits.

on 1/7/19 6:03 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 04/11/16

Good morning!! It's snowing out here this morning and its cold as balls. I much preferred the mild sunshiny days we had last week. Oh well it is winter in Southwestern Ontario so I shouldn't complain.

Nothing on the go today boring day at work

QOTD: I don't usually coupon but I do price match the flyers whenever I can. I use the Flipp app and just mark up the flyers. I'm sure the cashiers get annoyed with it but hey it saves me money.

2 yrs 8+ mos

B - PP chocolate, gravy hamburger

S - skyr with blueberries

L - Unknown

S - deli turkey with cheese stick

D - taco salad

Have a great day.

Over 100 lbs lost! and 13 lbs below goal weight!

on 1/7/19 7:58 am

Cold but not too snowy morning here. I'm with Ginny, and could do without snow now but don't mind as long as the roads are clear.

QOTD: I love a good deal so yes I shop sales especially on meat (last week got boneless skinless chicken breasts for $1.99/lb) WOO HOO. Since we have a huge freezer we stock up and then I can usually hit Costco for the rest of the stuff and save myself several grocery store runs.

B - greek yogurt

S - PB and melba toast

L - 2 chicken kabobs

S - 1/2 protein shake

D - hopefully chicken something in IP

S - 1/2 protein shake

All vits and water.

on 1/9/19 5:10 pm


I've been needing to reach out for support and thought I'd check back in here at the forum to see what everyone is eating, etc. I personally have allowed myself to eat things I wasn't eating while I was losing weight and have had some gain which scares me. I can see that you 3 are all around 3 years out. I am also. I've been reading your menu's for the day... If you feel comfortable, would any one of you mind adding the amounts of food you are eating?

Thank you!

All my life I have only gained or lost weight and now that I am at my goal (for the past 2 years), I am finding maintenance super challenging.

I had my RNY Dec 2015 and lost 225lbs.

on 1/11/19 7:15 am

The other girls are a few years out of surgery. I had VGS just over a month ago so I'm a newbie here.

Welcome back to the board.... I'm sure these gals will help you get back on track!