on 1/10/19 6:18 am, edited 1/10/19 6:20 am

Hi everyone. I just started my optifast and I was wondering what you guys put in it besides ice. It has a funny taste. I am not a huge fan of crystal light. It is only for one week and it ischocolate. Thanks

on 1/10/19 7:50 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 04/11/16

Try decaf coffee crystals, or sugar free syrups.

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on 1/10/19 8:32 am

Thanks Ginny, I will try the them

Kimberly H.
on 1/10/19 10:08 am - Hamilton, Canada

When I did it, I put more water than directed on the packet and blended it with ice and a syrup I found at winners/homesense. Peanut butter cup was my absolute favourite! Good luck!

on 1/10/19 12:40 pm, edited 1/10/19 4:41 am

Decaf coffee with almond extract and or coconut extract were my go to for the chocolate shakes. I also added another cup of water. It diluted the chemical sweetener taste.

on 1/10/19 1:58 pm
RNY on 01/25/19

I am currently just finished week 1 of 3 and so far decaf coffee and the sugar free syrups have been working I really like the salted caramel and the vanilla almond I paid $5.99 at home sense for mine.

Hope this helps!

on 1/10/19 4:29 pm, edited 1/10/19 8:30 am

Thanks Everyone

on 1/10/19 4:59 pm
RNY on 01/16/18

Peppermint extract! I found it helped my upset stomach.

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on 1/12/19 4:33 pm
VSG on 01/25/19

Hi there,

I am midway through my 3 weeks of opti. I have been sticking with decaf coffee crystals and sometimes I add a ton of ice and less water and it comes out like a Wendy's Frostie with a coffee flavour. So delicious. I found the syrups don't taste very good although I do want to try the Peanut Butter Cup flavour I just haven't been able to find it.

on 1/13/19 6:59 am

I use the sugar free chocolate Torani syrup to give that mocha taste.