What are you eating/doing Friday?

on 1/11/19 5:54 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 04/11/16

Good morning Protein Peeps. I'm feeling pretty good today, had a good workout this morning, the "evil one" in our office is off today, and I'm pretty stoked about my menu if I can keep the rest of the "crap" from "gettin' in my belly!" Unfortunately a co-worker brought in a dozen muffins this morning....donuts have less calories than a muffin....but its okay because I'm not really a muffin person so I should be able to just walk on by!

Will get out to the arena again today for a walk at lunch.

2 yrs 9 mos (today!)

B - egg salad sandwich on 35 calorie bread

S - yogurt, 2 strips bacon

L - tuna with mayo, onions, celery and pickles

S - deli turkey and a Pep n' Cheddie

D - chicken skewers with hot sauce

Over 100 lbs lost! and 13 lbs below goal weight!

on 1/11/19 7:28 am

Good morning! Yes it's Friday so we might as well be happy :) Sounds like you are changing things up a bit with the menu Ginny... I like it! Yep keep steppin past those muffins.

Congrats on 2 yrs 9 months

B - greek yogurt

S - 1/2 lowfat bran muffin

L - chicken veggie soup (made in IP chicken, carrots, peas, spinach, broth, milk, light cream cheese - 7 mins!)

S - 1/2 protein shake

D - chicken skewers (stealing Ginny's idea and might try some hot sauce)

S - 1/2 protein shake

on 1/11/19 9:16 am - Canada

Good afternoon :)

I'm a bit behind today because I had two people over to buy things and I went to pickup something I was buying for the little nugget :) I have a path cleared through the storage room so I will call that progress. This weekend will be a bit busier than usual - tomorrow we are going to see my MIL and Sunday we are supposed to hang out with friends. Apparently we messed up the plans because DH was supposed to hangout with his friend on Saturday, but when I talked to his partner she said Sunday... So I changed plans with my MIL and now our friends are not happy. Can't win!!

Post-op three years and ten months.

Breakfast - protein bar

Snack - nuts

Lunch - chicken and green beans

Snack - carrots and PB

Dinner - pork chops

Snack - pudding

All water and vits.

on 1/11/19 10:44 am - Bobcaygeon, Canada
RNY on 11/23/15

Post-op three years and 2 months.

Breakfast - chocolate premier protein and coffee

Snack - Banana

Lunch - Tomato Juice, Broccoli Slaw and Kidney Bean Soup

Snack - 2 Mini Pumpkin Pancake Bites

Dinner - Turkey Burger and Homemade Egg Roll with Broccoli Slaw

Snack - iP Chips (55)

All water and vits.

Referral: July 2014 Orientation: October 2014 Meeting with Surgeon: March 23, 2015 RN/SW/Dietician: June 1, 2015 2ND Phone Interview with Dietician: July 7, 2015 Dr. Glazier (Internist): August 24, 2015 Surgery: November 23, 2015 Starting Weight: 305 lbs - Goal Weight: 130 lbs - Current Weight: 145 lbs

on 1/11/19 2:07 pm - Greater Toronto Area, Canada

1 week post. My pouch doesn't want food today.

So Far:

1 premier protein

vitamins and meds

Aiming to add:

1 bottle of water

2nd premier protein

Female, 30s, Canada

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