Did you know they have a quota to fill for RNY?

on 1/19/19 3:09 pm

When I had my one year check up, I asked the dietitian if the number of RNYs were going up, down, or status quo. She said it was about the same because the program actually had a quota/ goal of RNYs that they had to meet/hit each year for each center of excellence. I was really conflicted about hearing this. Unfortunately I didn't probe further... but I was thinking... so are you just pumping out RNYs like a puppy mill? On the other hand, I thought it's a good chance for people to make it through the process. What are your thoughts on this? It was at Humber River Regional Hospital.

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Diminishing Dawn
on 1/19/19 8:06 pm - Windsor, Canada

To be a centre of excellence they have to do 120 bariatric surgeries a year.

Thry also have a maximum that they can do per year because of their budget.

This is nothing new and usually is why in February/March some centres start to have a slow down as they reach their fiscal year. It restarts in April.

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on 1/20/19 10:09 am - Greater Toronto Area, , Canada
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This is true from what I heard as well. Not only do they have quotas to fill per centre, each surgeon has a certain amount that they can/should do. So if surgeon x has met his quota by such and such time then patients that are under his care will have to wait for the following year unless there are cancellations. This is based on the Ontario funding by OHIP and so one surgeon isn't "preferred" over the other.

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