Anxiety is holding me back

on 1/22/19 8:29 am

I've been to orientation three different times. The first was in Hamilton and they changed me to Guelph, so I had to do a second one at Guelph. I progressed until the appointments with the nutritionist, then I had to quit the process. I gathered up my energy and went to an orientation in Hamilton again and again quit the process when I had appointments with the nutritionist.

My problem is that I have anxiety. It's mostly social anxiety but it's preventing me from proceeding with this procedure that I know I really want. I feel panicky driving to Hamilton and Guelph from London area (normally drives are OK for me). I took someone with me the first time through and it didn't help.

Any suggestions or encouragement to get me over this mental hump to get to the losers bench?


on 1/22/19 12:33 pm
RNY on 01/18/19

I can totally relate to the Anxiety issue!! I have GAD and panic disorder and have had times where it's been debilitating - like to the point where I can't work, don't leave the house etc...

I was terrified of surgery, of complications, of failing, of change even of success (as ridiculous as that may seem!) but it all just boiled down to being scared of the unknown.

My appointments would not have been possible if I didn't get a ride to each and every one of them. My nerves were so bad that I could not drive myself. Even medicated, as a passenger, I still would have the occasional panic attack on the way. The appointments are scary and I have some social anxiety issues that make this hard as well... I'd also obsess over small things and work myself up ...

There came a point in the process though where I had to decide if this was what I really wanted and start putting the work in (both mentally and physically). I decided I did and am now 4 days post op!! My surgery went perfect, it was 46 minutes long (in total) and I was released from the hospital not even 24 hours later not needing anything more than regular strength Tylenol for the pain!!!

I built this up into something negative and scary when really it's been positive all around!! I'm already down close to 40 pounds since starting optifast on dec 28th!!

If I can do it ANYONE CAN! If this is what you want and you truly feel like this is the right decision for you then don't let fear and negative thoughts hold you back. Talk to your doctor about medication and seek out therapy!! You can get better!!!

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on 1/22/19 12:36 pm
RNY on 03/26/17

You should see if you can get a referral to the London bariatric program, it's at UH. I have a few friends who are going there.

on 1/22/19 4:44 pm
RNY on 01/16/18

Somehow you need to get a grip on the anxiety before you can move forward.

Does anxiety prevent you from doing other things or is it just this process where it seems to rear its ugly head?

Are you seeing someone for your anxiety? There are medications that can help.

I had severe anxiety many years ago. I sought help. I did Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and it helped me immensely. One of the best things I ever did. Once I got a grip, I was able to do things that previously I was paralyzed to do.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy saved me. Literally.

BTW, you are not alone. Some of the most successful people have anxiety. You just need to figure out how to deal and cope with it.

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on 1/23/19 9:58 am

Have you been treated for anxiety? My family Dr told me for years that I had a chemical imbalance that caused the anxiety and I finally, finally agreed to try medication. It was life changing. The daily anxiety is gone. I still occasionally get anxious but I deal with it with calming exercises. And since the surgery, the anxiety is even less and farther between because I feel fantastic. Talk to your Dr.

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on 5/17/23 2:05 pm

I know this thread is from a year ago, but I wanted to reach out and offer some support. Dealing with anxiety can be tough, and it's understandable that it may hold you back from pursuing the procedure you want.
If you're still struggling with social anxiety, it could be beneficial to seek help from a therapist or counselor.

on 6/5/23 3:28 am, edited 6/4/23 8:33 pm

I stumbled upon this old thread and couldn't help but notice your heartfelt post from four years ago. I hope you're doing well and that life has been kind to you since then.
Anxiety can be a real tough cookie to crack, but I wanted to offer you some support and encouragement, even though it's been quite a while. If you're still struggling with anxiety or if you've found ways to cope with it, remember that you're not alone in this journey.
If you're still seeking guidance and support, I'd recommend checking out anxiety hotline. They can be a great resource for talking to trained professionals who can offer valuable advice and assistance.

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