Pre-op liver-shrinking diet

on 1/25/19 7:30 pm
RNY on 02/04/19

What happens if you eat more than the recommended volume of permitted vegetables? Since they are basically calorie-free and I'm just eating raw vegetables, does volume really matter?

I'm trying to figure out how diligently I have to measure them.


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on 1/27/19 7:48 am - Bumfuknowhere, Canada

Volume is going to matter greatly moving forward so may as well get used to it. You are lucky you are allowed some veggies as most are allowed none. I would start following the rules now as it will just set you up to keep doing it when it truly matters even more.

on 1/27/19 2:10 pm

I would eat more then the amount they allowed. Some days I ate no vegetables some days I had a little extra. There was no issue.

on 1/27/19 5:15 pm - Greater Toronto Area, , Canada
RNY on 12/12/18

I couldn't agree with Tracey more! We too were allowed veggies and all I had was broth and Optifast and my surgeon commented that he was able to see very well and could tell I followed the diet to a tee. My suggestion is that you follow the instructions...better safe than sorry.

on 1/27/19 7:29 pm - Cobourg , Canada

I agree too. I don't get any veggies on my diet; shakes, broth, sugar free jello. The last thing you want is for the surgical team to get in there and change their mind on the surgery. You have come too far for that and worked hard to get here - don't risk it! (Good luck with everything.)

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Diminishing Dawn
on 1/28/19 12:40 am - Windsor, Canada

I do think getting used to small portions is a good thing HOWEVER if an extra bowl of broth or extra slices of cucumbers helps get you through it successfully, i sa go for it.

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