Guelph !?!?!?

on 3/8/19 6:25 am
RNY on 06/17/19

Hello All,

My Hubby got a call yesterday and he has been assigned to Guelph. Orientation next month. I was surprised because I was assigned to Humber. I have my surgery date set for June.

I know every clinic has a different program. Wondering if anyone can share what the Guelph process looks like.

Thanks in advance.


on 3/11/19 4:03 am

My timeline on my signature is for Guelph, but it is almost 5 years old now. The staff have been great there.

CENTURY CLUB MEMBER at 6 months post-op.

Referral to Guelph Feb/13, Sleep study and all bloodwork and ultrasound May/13, orientation July/13. Nurse, NUT,SW Sept/13, 2nd NUT, nurse and SW, 3rd round and cleared for surgery Dec/13. Pre-op Apr 7/14, Surgeon May 2/14, Opti Jul 3/14, surgery Jul 17/14.

on 3/26/19 2:14 am

Hello i am currently going through Guelph as well. My timeline so far is like this:

referral oct 10 2018

orientation nov 29 2018

rn appt jan 02 2019

dietician and social worker jan 23 2019

pre op class feb 22

sleep apnea test feb 23

trio appt rn/d/sw march 27

and thats where im at right now. so its moving fairly good.

on 3/26/19 6:54 am
RNY on 06/17/19

Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed response. Much appreciated!

I am going with my hubby to his orientation in Guelph this Thursday! I am already scheduled for surgery in June at Humber.