on 4/17/19 8:22 pm

I am looking for a surgeon who will do a Pannictomy, which would be covered by OHIP

I did see a surgeon who submitted the request to OHIP and was approved for medical reasons. However he wound not do it unless I did other things also. He said most surgeons don't because they don't make any money from it.

Leslie W.
on 4/18/19 10:18 am - Cobourg, Canada

It is not a question that they don't make money on it. Actually only get about $450.00 for doing it. It is the results as well. Panni only deals with the loose skin below belly button. Most of us have damage to the muscles underlying or have extra skin above belly button. Seen some picture of pure panni that did not have great results. The wait list for just panni can be up to 2 years.

I would see a couple of different surgeons to see what they recommend. There are different types of tummy tucks as well as 360 body lift or BELT that address many issues. I use Dr. Nandagopal at UScuplt for all my procedures.

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on 4/23/19 1:06 pm
RNY on 01/11/12

Hey Murphygirl.... I had a full abdominalplasty.. upgraded from a panni.... with Dr. Michael Kreidstein after being 2 years out.. i'm now 7 years out.. and for the money I spent ($6grand) i don't regret one cent.. just wish i had the extra to get my arms done!! In My OPINION .. he is amazing!! check out his website! he got rid of my c-section scar (mine was vertical) and gave me a new belly button!! i had no complications whatsoever!! and had to stay overnight because of the drive to hamilton from scarborough... good luck!!