Still waiting...

on 4/23/19 6:48 am

Orientation was January 29th. It's been 12 weeks as I was told it would take.

The lady at the clinic was less than helpful. Wouldn't look up my file and just said it will still be a few weeks and they'll call me when I come up in the queue.

Its really frustrating especially because I just saw a woman in a support group who had orientation is March just get a surgery date all because she said she walked into the clinic and asked for an appointment after a week and they put her in a cancellation. (No shade to her because I'd be psyched if it were me). Just sucks to be blown off every time I call... which I've called just once a week for the past 3 weeks.


I wanted to have surgery and be recovered before I have to go back to work in September. (I'm on an 18 month maternity leave).

At this point it feels like it's never going to happen.

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on 4/23/19 7:40 am

Hang in there. Hugs. I waited 18 months from referral to surgery.

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on 4/25/19 8:37 am

I would keep calling until I get someone who listens. I called a lot. I was super courteous and diplomatic every time in an effort to not **** them off. Some times they would blow me off, other times I just called at the right time and got my appt and actual surgery moved up. I swear I saved myself at least 6 months by doing so.

Be patient but continue to advocate for yourself. Once you get your appt dates, you will have more leverage to start calling for cancellations.

All the best!

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