Veterans: How do you keep it off and avoid regain?

on 4/24/19 4:43 pm

Hello my friends. For those of you who are 3 plus years out, what was your starting weight? Your current weight? How did you manage to keep your weight off? Do your exercise? What's your support system?

Detailed answers would be appreciated and do NOT apologize for long posts. I'm looking forward to hearing from everyone, but Diminishing Dawn, H.A.L.A.B. (I think) and Grim Something or other (the man) would be great as well. Oh and someone named Karen. And of course all of our other wise veterans.

By the way, if you're on the other extreme and have regained, what was your starting, surgery, current weights? Please share your journey and tell us what caused you limited success.

Wishing everyone what amounts to their own definition of success.

RNY Oct. 27/17. HW 289; SW 285; GW 144; LW: 161 CW: 196 FML: Fighting regain :(

on 4/25/19 5:21 pm

My suggestions would be to make yourself accountable, track and plan your food, set yourself a regain limit. Maintenance is hard and a daily struggle. Remember where you were when you started this journey and promise yourself you will not give in and undo all of your hard fought accomplishments.

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Leslie W.
on 4/27/19 8:26 pm - Cobourg, Canada

7 1/2 yrs out. Had a regain of about 20 lbs. but my lowest was not healthy. Had complications from a surgery not wls related. Was fun to fit size 6-8 for awhile but much happier in 10-12. HAVE BEEN STABLE WEIGHT FOR ABOUT 4 YEARS. vERY HAPPY WHERE i AM RIGHT NOW. i DON'T FEEL DEPRIVED. hAVE FEW FOOD INTOLERANCES AS LONG AS STAY AWAY FROM HIGH AMOUNTS OF SUGAR.

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on 4/28/19 6:59 am

Wow. Great job. 7.5 years down... a life time to go with success! Thanks for sharing.

RNY Oct. 27/17. HW 289; SW 285; GW 144; LW: 161 CW: 196 FML: Fighting regain :(

Diminishing Dawn
on 5/6/19 3:45 am, edited 5/5/19 10:03 pm - Windsor, Canada
  • Hello !

What a surprise to see my name

in your post! How flattered I am too!

I am heading on to 13 years post op in July so I?m getting up there. Haha.

At 2-3 years out I gained back 20 lbs and I was devastated. I was even told that I was a failure for on this very board. It made me feel like I was a total failure.

Regain is NOT failure. It does not mean you?ll gain all your weight back. It means you have stuff to deal with and things to learn. We are living post op life in a way that is the complete opposite of our preop life. That?s hard especially when you have underlying eating disorders and head issues that you need to deal with.

I go up and down on the scale. I try different things to renew my journey at different times. Right now I?m into meal planning and portioning. It?s working for me well. I?m getting back on my treadmill. I religiously stay connected to the wls community through online groups, conferences and support groups. I have people in my online feeds that inspire me. Asking for help from your centre is good.

You have to start by giving yourself grace and trying to do better one day at a time. Find people that inspire you. Reach out and talk about the regain!! Feel free to message me if you ever want to talk I?m not going to type everything here but will gladly go into more in social media and or email I gladly support anyone through this journey who needs help or support Not here to sell anything just support

My 20 lbs has gone has high as 27 over goal. Right now I am 13 over goal

it will likely be a rollercoaster for life.

Love and hugs to you!


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on 5/14/19 7:17 pm

Thanks so much for your response. I am currently 13 lbs above my lowest weight, but I am 28 pounds away from goal. That hurts to type, lol. But you're right- this will be a lifelong battle for me as well. Keep up the great work :)

RNY Oct. 27/17. HW 289; SW 285; GW 144; LW: 161 CW: 196 FML: Fighting regain :(

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