Severe pain on both sides of abdomen

on 4/24/19 7:49 pm - Niagara Falls, on

It has been 13 months since my vsg and I have lost 130 lbs. Now at random times about 30 minutes after eating or drinking I get pain on both sides. It starts out very minimal and I can feel it getting worse as if it is moving out growing. It can be hard to breath sometimes while the pain is there and lying on my stomach helps. After about anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes it will slowly go away and I can feeling it moving down and then just stop. Had anyone had this experience? Could it be gas or backed up? Maybe lacking something or not enough of something? It has only started recently


on 4/25/19 5:30 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 04/11/16

I only have one thought - do you still have your gall bladder?

Over 100 lbs lost! and 13 lbs below goal weight!

on 4/25/19 1:06 pm - Niagara Falls, on
  • I do have my gall bladder yes


on 4/25/19 1:09 pm - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 04/11/16

You should probably make an appt with your GP or call your clinic.

Over 100 lbs lost! and 13 lbs below goal weight!

on 4/25/19 7:45 am

Could be a stricture, ulcer. Please call you clinic.

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on 4/26/19 3:22 am
RNY on 03/26/17

I've been dealing with a similar situation since 9 months post op (December 2017) I've been in & out of the ER multiple times. My pain is located in my upper right abdomen and the pain shoots into my back. At times I can manage the pain with a T3 & a gravol, but have to go to the ER when the pain is so bad I can't keep any pain meds down. I've had 5 ultrasounds/ nuclear biliary scan and this week I had a CT, all with 0 findings. I go next Tuesday for exploratory surgery to figure out what's going on. My first few visits the ER doctor said it was classic gall bladder pain, but with each ultrasound & bloodwork showed no signs of stones or disease. After a year or so I decided to contact my bariatric surgeon to see if he could help me. He's been amazing & has taken my pain seriously. I hope he finds the cause of my pain.

I hope you get some answers, maybe skip your family doctor & see if you can see your bariatric surgeon. Wishing you the best, Sonja

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