Surgery education class is next

on 4/29/19 8:37 am

I finally have my surgery education class coming up on May 13 in Windsor,Ontario. What does the class consist of? Do I find out my hospital at this point? How long after this do I meet the surgeon?Can I bring anyone to this appointment? Guys Im getting so excited and nervous, I can see the finish line.

on 4/29/19 9:55 pm

Well it's been about a year but if I remember correctly here what happens. For starters you get to find out which hospital you will be sent too. The only choice our class had was between the 2 hospitals in Toronto as the waiting lists were long at the other locations.

I don't think we could bring a guest but I'm not entirely sure on that.

The class is just basically a recap of what is going to happen. After the class it took about 2 weeks before they contacted me with my meet the surgeon appt.

good luck

on 4/30/19 9:21 am

Hi Grayer,

I went through Windsor and greatmum has pretty much covered it. I did bring my mom to this surgery class since she was the one going to TO with me for my surgery and other people had guests also. They will give you which hospital your scheduled for or possibly let you choose your preference but you won't know which surgeon until the hospital calls you. I think my meet the surgeon teleconference was a couple months later and I also brought my mom to that appointment which didn't seem to be an issue.

Things will go quick, keep to everything they have told you along the way and keep contact here.

Best of luck! ;) very exciting