What are you eating/doing today -- Thursday?

on 5/9/19 4:37 am - Canada

Good morning :)

The little nugget is nine months old so we are off to the doctor today. She will be measured again to see if she is gaining weight appropriately still -- very nerve wracking. Then DH has a doctor's appointment with a new family doctor -- he hasn't had one since he was a kid.

QOTD: so random -- we have a lot of movies filmed in town. One show I've seen filming is Designated Survivor. I got really excited when A) I realized what was filming and B) when I saw the episode that lined up with the filming. Would you find it interesting/exciting to see a show or movie being filmed near you?

Accountability: awesome. Finally. DH made chili for dinner and we skipped the bread. I think he is enjoying feeling good and eating better than we have been.

Post-op four years and two months.

Breakfast - protein shake

Snack - pepperettes and cheese

Lunch - leftover chili

Snack - Greek yogurt

Dinner - probably more chili

Snack - SF pudding

All water and vits.