Mission accomplished!

on 5/23/19 6:36 am

A while ago I was here seeking advice on how to go about getting an OHIP approved panniculectomy. It was a long, frustrating road, but I'm happy to tell you it's finally completed, along with an abdominoplasty, and I feel amazing!

For any of you contemplating the procedure, or those not sure how to start, I'd like to help.

I had a few misfires until I finally found Dr. Michael Kreidstein. He was an advocate for me when nobody else cared. Located in Toronto, he is talented, compassionate, diligent and likeable. If you need to start the process, please, start with him.

I look like a normal human being again, and at 55 years old, I wasn't sure that was possible for me.


on 5/24/19 8:37 am - Toronto, Canada

I've had surgery with Dr. Mike and he's amazing!!! Congrats to you!!!

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on 5/28/19 7:50 am

Thanks for the name. Have made a note of it. Question, if you don't mind answering - was this covered by OHIP? Thinking maybe the panniculectomy was but not the abdominplasty? I am being optimistic I know, just started my Slimtime today! 2 weeks today I'll be in surgery! Cannot wait. However, I have lost a LOT of weight before (through other methods - and actually yes, did keep it off for years and years)- and after 4 kids in my 30s in 6 years, then the weight loss, my skin was AWFUL - yards of it! Frankly, will take it to what I am now but looking down the road, I hope to get healthy again and will have to deal with that.

on 5/28/19 12:01 pm

Hi Selkiem,

Yes, you're right. The panniculectomy is covered, but you have to jump through hoops to have it approved. You must meet certain criteria, and have a doctor's recommendation. Initially, I chose a plastic surgeon in Ottawa, where I live. He made the application, but I was still denied. That doctor basically called to say I was turned down, and here's how much it will cost you.

That's when I reached out to Dr. Kreidstein. His receptionist was wonderful, and basically assured me they would help me out. Once again, I was rejected. This time though, Dr. Kreidstein wrote back to them and advocated on my behalf. I was approved!

I chose to upgrade to the abdominoplasty. The results are much different. If you choose only the panniculectomy, the surgeon is restricted in how much skin he can remove, and there is no repair made to the muscles. Look to be charged approx $6k for the upgrade. It's steep, but so worth it.

If you get around to the surgery, and want to know anything about what to expect etc, please feel free to write again.



on 5/28/19 6:23 pm

Thank you! I will absolutely be back to ask! Being positive here! Thanks so much for the info and I would look at both too

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