What are you eating/doing Thursday?

on 6/13/19 5:38 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 04/11/16

Good morning Gang. Well it looks like we are in for several days of rain which doesn't bode well for a weekend of camping. We may end up cancelling Hit the gym this morning for some cardio because my walking buddy here at work is very unreliable - no guarantees when he will go or not.

I might hit up Costco after work - need to stock up on my supplements.

Post Op 3yrs 2 mos

B - Jimmie Dean Simple Scramble - Bacon (picked these up in the US. taste decent and are convenient when you don't feel like prepping your own)

L - chicken quesadilla

D - chicken caesar salad

I'm going to try and forgo snacks today - if I need something I have a protein shake in the fridge.

Have a great day. Stay dry.

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on 6/13/19 8:07 am - Canada

Good morning :)

Nothing much planned for today which is good because I don't seem to sleep well in this weather. We live in a two storey house and upstairs gets too hot and humid. It's almost better once it gets hotter and the AC turns on.

Accountability: I did not feel like eating yesterday which was good and bad. I ate very little during meals but picked up some snacks.

Post-op four years and three months.

Breakfast - protein shake

Snack - boiled egg and oatmeal

Lunch - tbd

Snack - pepperette and cheese

Dinner - possibly leftover chicken but that doesn't sound good right now

Snack - SF pudding

All water and vits.

on 6/13/19 9:31 am

Hello all. I got out for an extended walk last night so I feel good about that but tonight will depend on the weather. I can always use my indoor cycle but its just not the same.

B - greek yogurt

S - turkey pepperettes

L - chicken veggie soup

S - 1/2 protein shake

D - leftover roast chicken, broccoli

S - maybe PB on melba toast but hopefully won't be hungry

Stay away rain! Ginny needs to camp and farmers need to plant their crops.