on 8/21/19 7:16 am

I am almost two years post surgery and have had no caffeine, no soda and no alcohol since waaaay before surgery. I am thinking of trying some wine, most specifically champagne. I am a little concerned about intoxication and addiction. Any stories or opinions or experiences?

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on 8/22/19 3:05 pm

For myself... I usually limit myself to a sip of my husband's or a big old sniff of his Guinness! If I have some hootch it does go right to my head and I don't like the feeling. There is also the bubble factor. You can try mocktails with infusions of things like cucumber and basil. If it's a wedding toast, I don't think a sip of two champagne will hurt.

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Diminishing Dawn
on 8/23/19 4:25 pm - Windsor, Canada

It will hit very hard and fast. You might dump if you are a dumper. Just keep that in mind.

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Kath L
on 9/4/19 7:52 am

I think that almost two years without everything you mentioned is quite the accomplishment. Why break the cycle now for champagne?

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