What are you eating/doing today -- Thursday?

on 9/12/19 7:07 am - Canada

Good morning :)

Nothing much planned today. My mom and brother are visiting and I have a doctor's appointment. I did a bit of tidying this morning. Our kitchen is quite small and lacks pantry space so we store a lot of dry goods in our basement. It was such a disaster that I could never find anything so I would just get more at the store. I tidied it up and found a missing jar of pickles ;) lol.

QOTD: do you hoard food? Our freezer and pantry (such as it is) are jammed with food. I try to go through and use up random things every once in a while. I will pull out 2-3 things and challenge DH to make a meal to use them up -- he is a very good cook. It's like that TV show competition.

Post-op four years and six months.

Breakfast - milk

Snack - toast and cream cheese

Lunch - either leftover chili or leftover burgers

Snack - sliced turkey and cheese

Dinner - TBD. Have to see who's going to be here ;)

Snack - oat bar

All water and vits.

on 9/13/19 6:08 am
RNY on 06/17/19

Hey Meggles,

I have a newbie question for you.. I also have milk for my 1st breakfast. Do you take your morning vitamins right after you are finished drinking the milk or do you wait 30 minutes after to take them.. I am so confused.

Thanks in advance!


on 9/13/19 6:15 am - Canada

Hi Melissa,

My typical day I would take my morning pills and vitamins (multivitamin and B12) and then wait a bit to have my milk. I take my extra iron during the day and then vitamin D and magnesium at night. If I'm not eating a lot of dairy products then I also add in the calcium citrate twice during the day :)


on 9/13/19 6:26 am
RNY on 06/17/19

Thank you.. trying to get all these vitamins in, is proving to be difficult! Lol

on 9/13/19 6:30 am - Canada

Yes, it's a lot of trial and error. Also finding ones that have what you need or that aren't disgusting :)