What are you doing/eating Wednesday?

on 9/18/19 5:39 am

Good morning foodies!

It's a bright sunny September here and if I didn't have to work, I'd be out for a long walk enjoying the cooler mornings. My trainer keeps adding weight to all the stations so I'm feeling what I did last night, but tonight is my rest night and I plan on just heading home for a nice supper then some Netflix possibly.

QOTD: Since Meg is battling nausea with her new announcement (she's pregnant yayyy), what are the foods you find best when you aren't able to keep things down? Personally I find that soda crackers almost always settle my stomach. If they sit well then usually an egg is my next attempt.

B - protein shake

S - greek yogurt

L - chicken skewers, 1/2 wonton soup

S - boiled egg with hot sauce

D - STEAK on the bbq, grilled veggies (definately a treat)

S - probably won't be hungry

on 9/18/19 9:48 am - Canada

Good afternoon!!

We were out early to take the car to get serviced and while we waited we looked for costumes for the little nugget. No idea what to dress her as.

QOTD: I had a stomach virus last year and I ate a lot of saltines with SF jam. Like pretty much everyday for a month. I also lost around 9 pounds -- not on purpose -- so I don't recommend that. This time I've actually found sandwiches to be pretty neutral for me. DH wanted to make something or order something for dinner one night and I told him even if he ordered food I would probably just eat a PB&J (with SF jam). He was displeased lol.

Post-op four years and six months.

Breakfast - milk

Snack - breakfast sandwich shared with LN

Lunch - tbd... We went to Costco and I ate a nut bar on the way home.

Snack - maybe a ham sandwich

Dinner - chicken pot pie -- darn you Costco!! Lol

Snack - Greek yogurt and pineapple

All water and vits.

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