Prenatal multivitamin

on 9/24/19 6:48 am
VSG on 09/16/19

So im over a week after gave my surgery and had my first post-op appointment and the nurse told me that i need to start taking prenatal multivitamins has anyone else been told this doesnt sound right to me

on 9/24/19 8:06 am - Canada

That's what I take -- it has more iron per pill than regular multivitamins. Some people choose to take regular multis and an extra iron but you should definitely check with the clinic if you want to do something different. It also really depends on your blood work and how your levels track over time. Recently my iron has dropped so I've also added Feramax iron.

on 9/25/19 5:23 am

You are correct,,, that is what our team told us to take. I buy the Costco prenatal vitamins and my blood work has been good ever since surgery 10 months ago. Meg is right that they just have a few extra nutrients over a regular multi vitamin so I'd follow the instructions they gave you.

on 9/27/19 7:11 am

that's absolutely right - we all take them - men and women. All it means is there are larger doses and more vitamins than regular multivitamins and as we are all experiencing malabsorption you need heavier vitamin doses. There is nothing inherently "feminine" about them. Nothing that will affect tetesterone etc - just larger doses of what we need.

on 9/29/19 10:33 pm

Do you get to skip having to take iron if you take prenatal vitamins? My nutritionist suggests centrum select 50+ for me but I'm interested in hearing about what others are taking.

on 10/4/19 8:00 am

My GP monitors things like iron regularly - at the moment I don't need it as diet/vitamins seem to be doing the trick. But around every four months he sends me for blood tests. I am almost 4 months post-op.

Kath L
on 10/22/19 10:38 am

I'm surprised they didn't start you on them pre-surgery. I have been on them now since my appointment with the dietician and will be on them for life.

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