What are you eating/doing Wednesday?

on 10/9/19 5:39 am

Good morning all

Well last night was a bit of a mixed bag, I did go to the gym and had my workout with the trainer which I enjoy these days. I came home to an empty house so grabbed a bite, had a shower, did a few chores then relaxed but didn't end up going to bed til after midnight. Long story short, I end up in emerge with my daughter so ended up with a total of 2 1/2 hours of sleep. It's going to be a longgg day but I'm at work. Nap time when I get home,, that's for sure.

B - protein shake

S - greek yogurt

L - homemade chicken veggie soup

S - shrimp & sauce

D - leftover ginger soy chicken and broccoli

S - low fat SF bran muffin

on 10/9/19 6:39 am - Canada

Good morning :)

WIP, I hope your daughter is okay.

We were out early to pick up a few things we were missing to make chili for tonight. My brother is going to come over and have dinner with us.

I don't know what is going on with the little nugget but she has not been happy for a few days. She had a virus a week or so ago but had been feeling better.

Post-op four years and seven months.

Breakfast - milk

Snack - tbd

Lunch - chicken and cauliflower

Snack - cheese and crackers

Dinner - chili

Snack - nut bar

All water and vits.

on 10/9/19 12:48 pm

I hope lil nugget feels better soon. It's sooo stressing when our kids are sick.

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