1 Pound to goal and my food for today with question about carbs you are successful in...

on 10/28/19 4:52 pm
RNY on 10/22/18

Almost at goal - 1 more pound (although I'm aiming to maintain between 155 - 159, with 160 being the red flag to get back to basics if I get there.

I have my 1 year appointment at hospital next week - I'm happy with my progress, hope the team agrees!

My food for today:

B: 1 hard boiled egg, sugar free source yogurt with a few strawberries added; decaf coffee with Fairlife milk (love this stuff - the protein low cal is so great!)

L: 1 baked chicken thigh with coleslaw mix, 1 sugar free jello pudding

Snack: 1 gala apple; 5 almonds

D: 4 oz crockpot pork tenderloin, with a few sugar snap peas, celery & 1 tbsp. roasted red pepper dip

Snack: Vega Sport Protein with water

Before bed: probably cheese string or babybel with 2 crackers (find I need to eat something just before bed or my sugars drop too much during the night)

Not sure what carbs people eat and stay successful - I've been experimenting and so far find the following working for me:

Carbquick (made amazing raisin scones with Brown Sugar Splena); ww whole wheat bread, Dimpilmeir Power Slice (15 g protein, so great with peanut butter and sugar free jam) Blue Menu Protein pancakes; Hold the Carbs Muffin mix (added blueberries, great!)

Anyone have suggestions?

Thanks, Sunny

Diminishing Dawn
on 10/28/19 8:42 pm - Windsor, Canada

I highly suggest losing 5-10 more lbs to give yourself a buffer for bounceback.

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