What are you eating/doing Wednesday?

on 11/6/19 5:25 am

Brrrrr and good morning all,

Well it looks like winter is on its way whether we are ready or not. It's just a normal workday but I have lots of little jobs to finish up so time should fly and make for a short day. My first block of personal training sessions at the gym expired last week so since I'm really enjoying it and also seeing nice progress, I signed up for another year but at only 2 per week which means I will just do 2-3 on my own.

QOTD: What do you have planned for this winter or even the next year if you have it planned in advance?

B - SF zucchini bread, shaved turkey breast - (yes separately although it still sounds like something Meg should post mid pregnancy as a weird craving)

S - greek yogurt

L - turkey cheese griller, small salad

S - apple, cheese string

D - chicken breast, broccoli

S - SF iced capp, possibly half banana if hungry

Is everybody hibernating? Wakey wakey

on 11/6/19 7:51 am

B - Optifast with coffee powder

L - Optifast with raspberry flavour crystals

S - Optifast with raspberry flavour crystals plus green pepper strips and 1 Tbsp ranch dressing

Sn - Optifast with sugar free caramel syrup.

Just a couple more weeks!

on 11/6/19 8:51 am

You are on the homestretch for Optifast,, just stick to it!

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