anyone know current wait at TWH?

on 11/7/19 6:38 pm - Canada
RNY on 06/02/17

Wondering what the current wait is at TWH from consult to surgery?
A family member of mine is considering going this route.

Surgery Jun.2/17 at TWH ----- HW 215 - SW 197.2 - GW 125 CW 124.6

Pre-Op=8.8lbs --- Optifast= 8.4 (was on it for 9 days due to cancellation)

M1 - 20.6... M2 -10.2... M3 -8.0... M4 -5.8... M5 -9.0... M6 -5.2... M7 -7.0... M8 -2.2... M9 -0.9... M10 -2.6... M11-0.6... M12-2.0

on 11/10/19 7:19 am
RNY on 01/16/18

Not sure about TWH but I know in Hamilton they have added 2 more surgeons so they now have 5 surgeons doing the surgeries so the wait times have come down some. Most people I see there are getting through in 7 months to a year.

Unfortunately, they don't have the support staff for AFTER the surgeries. Lots of issues on that end but quicker to get those surgery dates.

Referral - May 31/17; Orientation - June 15/17; First Appt Nurse - June 26/17; Bloodwork and ECG - June 27/17; Sleep Study - July 5/17; Dietician Appt - July 10/17; Counsellor Appt - July 10/17; Abdominal Ultrasound - July 10/17: Endoscopy/Colonoscopy - July 25/17; Second Dietician Appt - September 14/17; Internist Appt - October 2/17; Meet the Surgeon - November 21/17; Pre Surgery Nutrition Class - January 12/18; Surgery - January 16/18

on 1/24/20 2:08 pm - Etobicoke, Canada

I was just referred to TWH for my gastric bypass revision. Here's the link to the Ontario government wait times website, bariatric surgery page. TWH is part of the University Health Network (UHN) so they list it under UHN.

The listed wait time seems a lot longer than the other hospitals, I think this is because they lump TWH in with the other UHN member hospitals. They have sections for "time to first appointment" and "decision to surgery". It took me two months between the referral and receiving a letter from TWH with an appointment for my first information session.

A lot depends on how they rank the patient based on urgency. They have four urgency levels. It's determined by how sick the person is with co-morbidities like heart problems or diabetes. Sometimes they rank at the time of the referral but other times it's determined by testing and consults.

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