What are you eating/doing Friday?

on 11/22/19 7:12 am


Wow what a week! It was just seemed that I had something on the go every hour of everyday which I'm sure many relate to. Luckily I did stay on track food wise since I'd preplanned and prepped last weekend. The scale moved UP last week and hasn't budged this week even though I have been doing strictly fish, chicken, soups, protein shakes and no carbs so it's a bit frustrating. I have a feeling since we've upped the weights at the gym, this may be muscle gain. I'm still losing inches which is the main thing!

B - protein shake

S - greek yogurt

L - chicken skewers, salad

S - boiled egg

D - baked haddock with lemon/dill and broccoli

S - turkey keilbossa, cheese string

on 11/22/19 6:15 pm - Canada

WIP, if you've been lifting weights it could just be your muscles holding onto water while they repair :) it will go away quickly I'm sure!!

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