What are you eating/doing Thursday?

on 11/28/19 7:31 am

Good morning everyone!

Yet another busy week so far including 2 training sessions at the gym and a Costco trip last night. I can't believe that they didn't have outdoor Christmas lights on display yet,,, looks like I'll be heading back in December which I was trying to avoid. Well my body is playing tricks on me because I lost the extra couple pounds showing on my scale last week and am down another couple this week...yayyy.

B - protein shake

S - greek yogurt

L - chicken skewers, broccoli

S - turkey pepperettes, cheese string

D - Costco rotisserie chicken (YUM) and some sort of veggie

S - SF pudding cup

on 11/28/19 12:47 pm - Canada

I'm surprised they didn't have lights... We went a couple weeks ago and the little nugget was pointing out all the lights lol. I told DH we are going to have to hang up lights in the house for her.

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