Plastics in Cuba

on 12/17/19 4:49 pm

I've been trying to get through to the company in Montreal that organizes plastic surgery at a hospital in Cuba. No one is returning my call. Does anyone else have experience with this company? Have they gone out of business?


on 12/27/19 6:26 am - Canada

Good Morning and Happy Holidays. I'm sorry that I can't help you with info for out of country plastics.... but from my experience , look into and exhaust all options of getting your plastics done in Ontario, Canada first. There are many Dr.'s able to get Ohip to fund a good portion of a panniculectomy, & often breast reductions all covered. As we age, and I had my first plastics done @ 54 years old, I wanted the security of being at home encase of complications. I really had none and had a panniculectomy, muscle repair(hernia)with a new belly button and a breast reduction/lift all covered by Ohip, and opted to get lipo done at the same time and paid $3500 for that. It was 5 years ago but even with inflation I'm sure it would still be a savings than going to another country and having to be there for a couple of weeks. I used Dr. M. Elahi and I know for a fact that he is still doing a lot of Ohip funded plastics. Good Luck with whatever you decide.

Leslie W.
on 1/13/20 5:05 pm - Cobourg, Canada

The fact that they don't respond should give you just cause to double think going out of country. What happens if you have a complication? When I had my TT years ago it was at the 3 yr mark that I had wound problem. What about post op care once home? what about revisions? Do you need to go back to Cuba. My PS is always getting calls for help for people who went out of country. Many surgeons wont touch a patient who had surgery from another. What if you need wound care? Do they have someone who can order home care?

Lots of thing to question and ask about. I use USculpt in Vaughan On. I know if I have any issues they are there for me. Cheaper is not better.

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