They moved up my surgery date and I'm freaking out

Kath L
on 12/18/19 6:48 am

Yup ... instead of January 13, 2020, they moved it to January 6, 2020.

I am freaking out. I had things in place re. work and daughter's sports, etc. for January 13. I guess I'm excited and scared. I feel that January 6 wasn't filled because who wants to be on Optifast before Christmas. The nurse who called me said start it Boxing Day. Honestly, I just don't want to risk the procedure and will start it the two weeks ahead on December 21 and maybe let myself have some turkey for Christmas dinner. I will be clear liquids for the two days before surgery. Yikes yikes.

I could use some positive enforcement saying this is all worth it and I won't regret it. I'm not second guessing my choice ... just need a little encouragement because this is happening real fast now.

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on 12/19/19 7:29 am

No freaking out... you still have lots of prep time and it is DEFINITELY worth it!

I understand that the change throws a bit of a wrench into scheduling for work and activities but it is only a week difference so I'm sure everyone will be supportive in rearranging. As for the Optifast, just realize that it ensures the best possible conditions for your surgery. I had 4 weeks of it just before Christmas and got through it pretty smoothly by using lots of ice, a couple different sugar-free and Ninja blender.

Most people are complaining that they haven't been called with a surgery date because they want to move forward on their journey,, so consider this a blessing and embrace the change of date!

Best of luck with your surgery!

Diminishing Dawn
on 12/19/19 6:10 pm - Windsor, Canada

Don't worry about risking your procedure. Follow their guidelines. If they feel you aren't safe, they wouldn't do surgery.

I had only one day of clear liquids.

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White Dove
on 12/21/19 9:03 am

I follow procedures to the letter. I will never know, but it might have accounted for me having no pain after surgery and recovering so quickly. I had surgery on a Tuesday, was home on Thursday, cooking and cleaning by Saturday and back to work on Monday.

Good luck with this. It was the best decision I made.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 12/23/19 6:48 am

There's always going to be something that feels like it is not a perfect time! I was EXTREMELY ambivalent about surgery - (I had RNY) - would go back and forth - and actually postponed the surgery the first time it came up as I was still undecided (and there was a lot going on in my life). I restarted 8 months later - had to go through many of the steps again .... eventually (June 11)- I went through the surgery and it is the BEST thing I've ever done! I feel like a NEW woman - I am currently down 84 lbs (still 50+ to go) and plateauing (has been almost a month since I've lost, but no regain)- I can WALK - up to an hour at a time with my new rescue dog, I have SO much more energy, I can PUT my damn shoes on without having to have slip-ons (things many of us understand are a challenge) - ZERO regrets! Good luck and I think you'll be super happy with the results!

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