What are you doing/eating Tuesday?

on 1/28/20 6:04 am

Good morning menu crew (using that term lightly)

What a mild January,,,, does this mean February is going to be brutal? Today should be pretty normal at work and then I have a session at the gym with my trainer.... last week we did 2 days of supersets so I'm curious what tonight will bring.

QOTD: What is your favorite electronic gadget currently? Mine is now my Fitbit Inspire because I'm definitely a stats person. I now log my food and water there,, it tells me how I slept, how many steps I got in, how many calories I burned, shows graphs of my pulse so I like seeing the spikes and calorie burn for exercise. Yes I'm now obsessed.

B - protein shake

S - greek yogurt

L - grilled chicken strips, salad

S - cheese string, turkey pepperette

D - chili, melba toast

S - cottage cheese with everything but the bagel seasoning

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