Spring 2020 Clothing Exchange

on 2/13/20 8:16 am - Toronto, Canada

May 3, 2020. 12 noon to 4 p.m.

Dundas Valley School of Art

21 Oglivie St. Dundas, ON.

PM me with any questions or to obtain my cell number for help.

Clothing/Book Exchange Event Synopsis
The clothing exchange is a bi-annual event held in May and November for women of all ages and sizes. Comprised mainly out of the plus-sized and weight loss surgery (WLS) communities, the clothing exchange enables larger women to meet and trade/donate items, thereby helping to offset the need to purchase new clothing, especially for those whom have had WLS and are losing weight rapidly.
As plus-size clothing tends to be more expensive, this twice yearly event gives larger women the opportunity to:
a) Recycle clothing that is no longer required or desired,
b) Obtain newer items to update current wardrobe, without the pressure of salespeople,
c) Provide a charitable service to the community by donating unclaimed items at the end of the event,
d) Meet like-minded women and engage in companionship without distractions from regular day to day life.
The Fall 2011 event was the first to incorporate book exchanging as well. Previously a separate event, it was determined that the same communities could meet to exchange books and literature at the same time.
While the event is listed as an "exchange", in actually, there is no onus on anyone to bring clothing or books to "trade". Unlike a true exchange where an item is swapped for another like item, this event focuses more on the 3 R's of a green planet philosophy.
This event has always been free to participants. Water and coffee, if available, is provided and sometimes light refreshments. Participants are welcome to bring healthy snacks to share if they wish, but again, there is no onus on anyone.
This event is alcohol and drug-free. Women are asked to leave children, pets and husbands at home (with the exception of helping drop off or pick up bags) to enable privacy for the women who wish to try on clothing. Women are also asked to only bring CLEAN ITEMS IN GOOD REPAIR.
Past events have proven to be well attended with the average number being around 20 women. This event was held annually but has since grown to bi-annually due to demand. Past donations have ranged from 3 to 32 large bags of clothing at the completion of event.

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on 3/31/20 1:15 pm - Toronto, Canada

Due to COVID-19, this event has been suspended depending on the outcome of the pandemic in the next month. I will post if the event is able to proceed 1 week prior.

Stay safe!

~ Harshing On Grooves Since 1967

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