What are you eating/doing Monday?

on 3/2/20 6:27 am

It's Monday so a good time to try to revive the menu thread.

C.C. and Meg were the main 2 when I was pre-op and it was so great to see activity daily so let's give this a whirl!

I went to the gym Thursday Friday and Saturday but ended up skipping out yesterday and doing a Costco run instead. I picked up 2 new shrimp variations to try plus grabbed my trusty Olymel sliced turkey. My mom and I had lunch out and we split an order of ribs and salad so that wasn't too bad for accountability plus it was a yummy treat!

B - Kaizen protein shake

S - SF low fat bran muffin

L - Olymel sliced turkey, tossed salad

S - turkey pepperettes

D - shrimp (lemon & garlic), brocolli

S - fresh pineapple, vanilla greek yogurt for dip

All vitamins, 2.5 - 3 litres water

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