Coronavirus and surgery dates

on 3/13/20 8:46 am - Canada

Just wondering in any one with upcoming surgery has been notified it was cancelled and will rebooked due to the virus


Diminishing Dawn
on 3/14/20 11:52 am - Windsor, Canada

I have seen some received home calls that surgeries are suspended at st mikes. I expect more to follow suit soon

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on 3/14/20 5:18 pm - Canada

Thanks for your response Diminishing Dawn...kind of what I was expecting.


on 4/3/20 3:23 pm

I have had several friends (3-4)who have had their surgeries canceled, unfortunately. I think it's for the best (even though it doesn't feel like it). I have an old friend who is a respiratory therapist and the stories she's shared are not pleasant. Additionally, my brother is dating an ENT resident and intubation is one of her specialties. She has been working 7 days a week and called to various hospitals (even in other states) because COVID-19 patients are needing breathing assistance left and right.

My bariatric center has informed patients that they will reschedule once elective procedures are available again and they are working with the insurance companies to get extensions in place. Hoping yours will do the same! (fingers crossed!)

If yours has been canceled, prayers go out to you and I hope you can use this time to prep for your new post-bariatric lifestyle.