What are you eating/doing today -- Thursday?

on 5/21/20 8:51 am - Canada

Good morning :)

Is it really Thursday already? I took five minutes this morning and planted some parsnip seeds. We are doing square foot gardening in boxes so I did about 60 seeds. Hopefully most of them will sprout :) Most things we started indoors. Last night I transplanted onions, radishes, and beets. This is really not my cup of tea so I hope they survive.

QOTD: do you like parsnips? I pretty much only like them roasted with potatoes and carrots. I don't know why we are growing so many but I expect we will end up giving some away lol.

Post-op five years and two months.

Breakfast - protein granola bar

Snack - fudge pops

Lunch - tomato soup and cheese

Snack - carrots and PB

Dinner - leftover chicken

Snack - fudge pops

All water and vits.

on 5/21/20 12:50 pm

Yes today is Thursday,,, c'mon Friday!

You are becoming a busy bee doing all this gardening. I'm sure you will have success with all of those veggies,,, root veggies are pretty self-sufficient. Pass some beets and parsnips my way if you have an abundance ;) You can keep the onions though,,, I have not liked them since I was a kid. (flavor is ok but the texture gets me)

QOTD: Yes I like parsnips ,,,, roasted is my favorite but I tend to throw them in when I make stew or soup too.

B- greek yogurt, berries

S - turkey pepperettes

L - sliced turkey, leftover cauliflower

S - a few pretzels with chocolate hummus (yes it was a weak moment where i was craving chocolate)

D - protein shake while I do a few errands after work

S - cheese string, 1/2 apple

YAY I'm at 2.5L of water already!

on 5/21/20 1:03 pm - Canada

What is this chocolate hummus? I love everything chocolate and I'm always looking for things to sub in :)

on 5/22/20 9:56 am

I bought it at Costco... it's a 2 pack and is near the prepared salads, dips, fruit and veggies. I wouldn't say it is super sweet,,,, it is more along the dark chocolate line but is great for dipping fruit and at least it's healthy ingredients.

on 5/22/20 10:07 am - Canada

Is it bean based? That's very interesting. I will have to look for it next time I'm there.

on 5/25/20 5:57 am

Hummus is made from chick peas which are a legume. They have one that is roasted red pepper that I really like with veggies as a dip too.

on 5/25/20 7:12 pm - Canada

Yes, I love traditional chickpea hummus, but I wasn't sure if this had a different base :) I love the garlic ones. I would love to make it but it never turns out as well as store bought.

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