What are you eating/doing today -- Monday?

on 5/25/20 7:11 pm - Canada

I forgot it was Monday!! DH doesn't work Sunday-Monday so it causes me weekend confusion lol.

We have been working hard to get the gardens going. The onions are sad. I might try planting seeds between the seedlings to see if something will grow. I have runner beans sprouting and ready to plant somewhere. This was a nostalgic purchase for me... My mom had them when I was younger and I remember spending way too much time collecting the beans and drying them - they are really pretty, black and purple.

QOTD: do you have any gardening or plant nostalgia? My parents owned a garden centre for a few years when I was growing up and I remember running around and checking on the plants, watering, weeding, etc. I enjoy having some of my own plants now, but it has been a slow-growing hobby for the most part.

Post-op five years and two months.

Breakfast - protein granola bar

Snack - protein fudge pops - these are so nice when it's hot

Lunch - chicken and veg

Snack - protein granola bar

Dinner - chicken, veg, salad

Snack - protein fudge pops, banana PB toddler cookie

Way too much processed stuff today. We are getting a grocery pickup tomorrow so we will have more fresh stuff.

All water and vits. Reminder to wash your water bottles lol. I use a shaker cup and it really needs to be scrubbed more often :)

on 5/26/20 5:36 am

I'm a day late for posting my menu but I'll answer the QOTD.

I don't think I really have plant nostalgia but I definitely miss heading out to the garden late summer for some fresh sweet corn. I just buy it at local roadside stands and support the farmers now because I don't have the time or space to plant rows of sweet corn. This past weekend I did plant all of my large container planters (8 in total I think) with reds and purples so they look really nice and if we get the rain that we are supposed to this week, I won't even have to water.

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