What are you eating/doing today -- Tuesday?

on 5/26/20 6:43 am - Canada

Good morning :)

Nothing specific planned for today. We are getting our weekly grocery pickup this morning so it will be nice to restock our fresh foods. LN2 is starting to hold her head up so I got the exersaucer toy out of storage. LN1 thinks it must be for her -- all the toys are hers ;) Our little living room is drowning in toys so I will probably put some away for a bit. I had saved a bunch of toys from the little nuggets first birthday and I've been giving them to her randomly since then. It has been good for spreading out her interest. I have a slide for her for outside -- I'm just waiting for our tree to fill in a bit so we can have some shade :)

QOTD: favourite childhood toy? I loved Barbie's and I also had teenage mutant ninja turtle action figures. I always wanted a Mr. Potato Head so I got one for the little nugget and we play with it together lol.

Post-op five years and two months.

Breakfast - protein fudge pops

Snack - carrots and PB

Lunch - ham and cheese with a few crackers

Snack - Greek yogurt and banana

Dinner - BBQ ribs I think

All water and vits.

on 5/27/20 5:19 am

Again I'm behind the times but my menu was pretty standard and thankfully I stuck to it.

QOTD: I think my favorite toys were likely lego and lite-brite although I did do a fair amount of playing outside since I lived in the country. We didn't really use toys outside but would steal my moms tupperware and go down in the ditch to our hideout where you could find anything from "pet" tadpoles to a stash of worms for catching fish. The good old days where you just needed nature and imagination to have fun!

on 5/27/20 6:39 am - Canada

I'm not an outdoorsy person so I try to make sure I get the little nuggets out a lot to see the bugs and plants :) it's not my favourite thing but I think it's important for them.

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