What are you eating/doing today -- Tuesday?

on 6/16/20 7:21 am - Canada

Good morning :)

It was so beautiful out this weekend we spent a lot of time working outside. We had a small yard/garden area that has been neglected since we moved in. We finally dealt with it in a more permanent way -- pulled out some wood that was holding in the soil, tore down a section of fence, trimmed a tree, turned the soil, and prepped it for grass. I was sooooo sore after all that work lol. We have a weird layout to our property -- the yard is basically divided up into four sections -- front, side, driveway, back. We use the side yard the most as it is fenced for the dogs. But the fence creates a division of the other areas.

QOTD: gardens, grass, or other? We have changed over the years. When we first moved in we tore out most of the garden areas and put down grass -- one garden was filled with rock as it was too close to the foundation and needed better drainage. We basically only left the garden in front of our house. We tore down old fences (replaced one), pulled down a rotted retaining wall around a tree (neighbour kids like to climb up by the tree and the retaining wall was getting dangerous), and just generally made our maintenance easier -- fewer things to look after each year. However I do like growing herbs and stuff, so I did start a compost pile which we finally used this year :)

Post-op five years and three months

Breakfast - protein popsicles

Snack - nut bar

Lunch - chicken and salad

Snack - carrots and PB

Dinner - TBD, haven't got anything prepped yet

Snack - sf pudding

All water and vits.

on 6/16/20 7:48 am

Good morning

I couldn't agree more that it was a beautiful weekend to be outside! I too worked on yard maintenance after the storm that came through last week and knocked down a crap load of branches. We ended up picking up 5 trailer loads, I removed all the rocks around my trees and replaced them with mulch so that we won't have to weedwack. I counted all of the bending, lifting and walking back and forth as my workout. Yesterday I woke up sore just like Meg!

QOTD: My property is about an acre so there is quite a bit of grass (yard) at both back and front of my house. A couple of years ago I hired a landscape company to totally rip out my front garden that runs along the house. It is now done in rock with neatly placed bushes, decorative grasses and trees. I have carpet roses, hydrangeas, pyramid boxwoods, a Japanese Maple, a redbud tree, a few golden cypress, hostas and decorative grasses. Very low maintenance. I just plant a few annuals in my large planters and place them here an there to give pops of red. In the back I have not redone my flower garden yet so that may be next years project. A few weeks ago we planted 35 blue spruce along the rear property line for a wind/snow barrier but they will be a few years before they are any real size.

B - protein shake

S - turkey pepperettes

L - 1/2 egg white omelet wrap

S - sweet cherries, greek yogurt

D - roasted chicken, brussel sprouts, parmesan

S - shouldn't need one but i have SF jello

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