Do I have to get a sleep test?

on 6/17/20 9:50 pm

Hello everyone! I am wondering, is a sleep test mandatory? Can someone tell me what it is exactly? I cant imagine going to a clinic and sleeping with someone watching me. I dont have any sleep difficulties. I dont want a sleep study :'(

on 6/18/20 11:42 am, edited 6/18/20 4:42 am

Hello and welcome!

It will depend on what your bariatric clinic sets out for tests... they seem to vary clinic to clinic. For instance, my team required a sleep test on anyone with a high BMI (over 40 I believe) and so I was required to have one.

It's not a terrible test... all they do is stick little monitors with wires at different points on your body,,,, you lay in a bed and sleep for the night, then are unhooked in the morning. There is a girl that checks to make sure the monitors stay stuck but is not sitting in the room where you sleep watching you (there is a camera along the ceiling). I thought my sleep was decent but found out that I had fairly serious sleep apnea, so was put on a CPAP machine. It took me a month of so to get used to but now am happy when I wake up feeling completely rested.

Best of luck

on 6/18/20 12:47 pm

Thanks so much for the reply! I cant imagine doing a sleep test. I dont think I will feel safe at all. My BMI is quite high. I dont own a scale but it is between 48 and 50 for sure. I have my first appointment tomorrow. Hopefully there will be time to ask questions. It is a virtual appointment, new covid protocols. The receptionist told me they are just starting surgeries again starting Monday. I am so anxious to know what type of backlog there is and how much longer I will have to wait. It's been 4 months since my referral.

White Dove
on 6/20/20 4:55 pm - Warren, OH

I had no sleep problems and did not have to take the test.

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