Sleeve 5 yrs ago, gained ALL back

on 7/11/20 11:06 pm

I did everything right for two years then the challenges came. I experienced some hardships and became very depressed. My bipolar disorder had been well controlled but when a trauma happens, every healthy coping strategy can fall away. I was in hospital because I was suicidal. My doctors and I agreed that we had to stabilize my mental health and then focus on being a bariatric patient. Unfortunately, my father got ill, then worse, and worse, and he died on Christmas Eve last year.

at this point, I'm so upset with myself for undoing all of that hard work that I had done. I don't have a clue how to get back on track. Has anyone else been in a situation of heavy weight gain after surgery? If so, we're you able to turn things around?

Diminishing Dawn
on 7/15/20 4:05 pm - Windsor, Canada

What weight did you start at? What did you get to? Where are you?

have you thought of revision? If not I'd recommend if you have coverage seeing about a prescription for saxenda. I'd also consider weigh****chers. I found it helpful with regain.

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on 7/16/20 3:14 pm
RNY on 01/11/12

I agree with Diminishing Dawn... there's a person on a Hamilton facebook group "Hamilton Bariatric Surgery Support Group and she also is a member of this forum; and she started with an RNY, then Sleeve and is now waiting for a DS... so I'd think you'd be a great candidate for a revision. There are also other RNYer's that have taken saxenda..not all successful mind you after they stopped taking saxenda... but myself I've tried Weigh****chers and have been successful until covid. Not sure where you live but something to think about! Good luck!!!

White Dove
on 7/21/20 2:04 pm

The first step is to get a good scale and weigh daily. A smart scale helps a lot because you can tell if you have regain from water or muscle gain.

You have to figure out how much you can eat and then stick to that figure. Allow 10 calories for every pound you want to maintain. Like for 130 pounds, eat 1300 a day.

Subtract 500 calories a day to lose a pound a week.

Weigh****chers is a great way to lose the regain.

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on 7/27/20 9:18 am

I totally understand where you are coming from with the mental health and the weight loss.i have my own troubles with mental health. Psychotropic meds tend to put on weight. Try what the others have suggested. I am in your corner.

on 12/6/20 8:20 pm
VSG on 01/27/14

I understand it can be really tough to keep eating well during very challenging times. I'm sorry you're going through this. A lot of people here are suggesting revision and others are suggesting dieting.

I had my VSG 7 years ago. I've kept the 100lb off for 5.5 years, eating well and exercising. However, my restriction became almost non-existent with the years. And, I can eat almost anything in big portions. I battled with a 10 pound regain all of last year (1999), gaining and losing it. And now, this year (2020) I've gained another 20lb, so 30lb in total. I exercised every day and the pounds still piled on. Could be hormonal because I turned 50. Could be my eating habits because exercise made me so much hungrier. So I stopped exercising and started measuring food and calories -- so really, I just went back to the dieting I had done pre-op, for many years that made my life miserable. The restriction from the VSG is what helped me maintain. Without it, I'm just back to yo-yo dieting. I want that restriction back, so, I'm getting resleeved on the 10th. I think the VSG is a great tool that needs to be adjusted for it to work longer term. I've never read about any VSGer having kept off 100lb for more than 5 years. Everyone has gained back some weight at some point, and it makes sense because the restriction loosens. Some people are still happy with the 20lb or 30lb regain because it's still a 70lb loss. But, I'm not. I don't want to regain anymore weight, I want to regain control.

Good luck to you!

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