Humber River wait time??

Katie Gavin
on 3/11/21 7:02 pm - Hamilton, Canada

Hey guys!

just wondering once all appointments are done how long is it normally until surgery?

I have the internist at the beginning of April and then I meet with Kline again to get my date, if all goes well.

Leslie W.
on 3/11/21 10:13 pm - Cobourg, Canada

There are many wls ontario sites that have more responses than this site unfortunately. Look for Ontario gastic bypass groups.

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My Angel is Sheri TK   
on 3/27/21 5:10 pm

Hi There:

Dr. Kline was also my surgeon. Most appt's are being done on the phone. The internist has to approve you for surgery before you can get a date. Its usually around 3-4 months from when you see the surgeon that you get a Surgery date. It may be longer now because of all the Covid backlog.

Katie Gavin
on 3/27/21 5:33 pm - Hamilton, Canada

Super helpful thanks! I see Dr Glazer in Less than 2 weeks and my vit D was low so hopefully he will still approve revision!

on 3/27/21 6:03 pm


Yeah Dr. Glazer is my internist also. He is great, very thorough with his assessment. Will want to make sure you are physically fit for surgery. Sleep study may be needed before surgery. My bloodwork was not normal when he approved me for my revision from gastric bypass to the DS. I'm a month out from the second part of the surgery.

Katie Gavin
on 3/28/21 6:28 am - Hamilton, Canada

Please tell me more!! So did they undo your bypass for the sleeve? How was that? Did you notice a difference from the first time or was recovery and eating after very similar? Did you have weight loss with sleeve? And how do you feel about DS?

on 3/28/21 8:10 am


Yeah, I noticed right away the difference in my stomach. I definitely could eat more once I was healed than with the gastric bypass. I only lost about 10-15 pounds with the gastric sleeve. They calculated for me that with the conversion I would only lose 30-40 pounds more. Because I had lost most of my weight with the gastric bypass(130 pounds). I had my Gastric Sleeve creation in July 2020, and just had the Duodenal Switch part in February. I am having a lot of bowel issues (loose) right now. But I also have IBS which may be contributing to my issues. I am still on soft foods. I have lost another 20 pounds since February. You will have to do Optifast before each procedure. Step 1 and step 2 have to be at least 6 months apart, for you to heal and get used to eating more. The vitamin schedule is different. I ordered the high ADEK vitamins that is needed from Bariatric Advantage.

Katie Gavin
on 3/28/21 9:34 am - Hamilton, Canada

You have to eat more? But you loose more with DS? I'm getting the same procedure is you.

on 3/28/21 5:07 pm

Because the Duodenal Switch Surgery is primarily a malabsorption procedure you need to eat more. The surgery reroutes the digestive system so that we don't absorb all the food/nutrients we eat. That means we need to be able to eat more to get in the daily calories we need because not all of it will be absorbed like the gastric bypass. We need to take in at least 120mg of Protein because we only absorb 40% of what we take in. Fats I believe we absorb only 20% of what we take in. Simple carbohydrates/sugars we will absorb 100% of it. Which is what we need to be aware of when eating. Complex carbohydrates are better for us, but too much carbs can make you have diarrhea. All meals/snacks need to be Protein rich always. Also because we are not absorbing all the foods we lack the nutrients/vitamins we normally get from them. So we need to take Vitamins higher in amounts and frequency. With the first step don't be alarmed if you find yourself more hungry and able to eat more, because you can. They told me that the first step is not where the majority of the weight loss occurs, which I am finding true. It is a more gradual weight loss, at least that was what was told to me. And I would not lose the same amount of weight as the gastric bypass. Not gonna lie, right now I'm struggling with the bowel issues and I feel exhausted all the time. I make sure I get the protein in with the Premier Protein shakes. Still figuring out what I can eat and what I can't. Its a learning process and I think everyone will have a different experience. I don't regret making the decision.

Katie Gavin
on 3/29/21 2:57 am - Hamilton, Canada

Thank you so much for you info!!! Super helpful!
Thank you!

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