Dr Glazer gave the go ahead for revision!

Katie Gavin
on 4/9/21 4:32 pm - Hamilton, Canada

Hey guys!

ok so Dr Glazer gave the go ahead for my revision! He said to call Kline on Monday if I hadn't heard from his office for surgery date by then. Can anyone tell me roughly the wait time from the point? All other appointments are done!


on 4/16/21 3:34 am
RNY on 09/30/20

With the surge of COVID patients in all hospitals in Ontario, elective surgeries are (Again) being cancelled/postponed.. you might have to wait longer then average for your surgery.. sending you positive vibes anyhow!

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on 4/16/21 4:41 pm


Usually it is 3-4 months from this point. But they have cancelled all elective surgeries in Ontario now. The first part of my surgery was cancelled due to the first wave and I had to wait 6 months. You may have to wait a bit. Call the office and his secretary will let you know what they are doing.

Katie Gavin
on 4/17/21 7:55 am - Hamilton, Canada

Thank you!

on 6/16/21 1:36 pm - North York, Canada

Did you get your date? What are you having a revision from and to?


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on 12/9/21 1:32 pm

Katie, I'm also in the same position as you were, I have my 2nd appointment booked for Jan 2022 to see Dr Klein was wondering how long the surgery day for booking was give the wait? if you able to share. Thanks Darla

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